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[News Reports]Bournemouth on track of becoming a digital hub

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Bournemouth have an estimated 450 creative agencies in the area and host to over 100 events a year, tech scene is growing rapidly, moreover, the world’s largest Open Device Lab just found here at Bournemouth.

The Open Device Lab holds an impressive more than 400 devices, furthermore, they are all free to use for students, freelancers, in-house teams and technical companies. The devices are there for testing and developing apps and websites.

“The reason why d developer have to test their web or apps because that the rating of apps or website is crucial thing. Before people download the apps, they will view the comments about the apps. If the apps operate well on the iPhone or iPad, it doesn’t mean that it can operate well on other platform, the customer who uses other platform might face some technical problems then they might rate the apps quite badly. Test device as much as possible is definitely important for developers. However, with the millions of unique devices and countless platforms out in the world, many companies or individuals simply cannot afford to purchase devices. Open Device Labs hopes to solve that with a community-pooled resource of devices for anyone to use.” Said Jonathan Ginn
Manager of world’s largest Open Device Lab

But what company want to spend their money to support this place, at first place, the company also technical company, so they can use all devices to test their products too. Second, building the lab promote a positive image of the company and the company can gain customers as well, the most important is the company can joins local community to know the public trend or some interesting ideas might have further cooperate with developers.

A digital company wrote their testing experience:

“During our testing we found a few “bugs” on our new website so the session was more than worthwhile! There are many platforms out there that try to

emulate devices for testing online but I found being able to play with devices and the way they operate gave us a truer perspective.”

The Lab not just doing charity, they are using strategy to “plug in “the Bournemouth digital hub.

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