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[News Reports]Britain won’t recognise Taiwan as an Independent state despite petition

Posted On January 22, 2016 at 4:16 pm by / 11 Comments

The UK government on Wednesday says it will not recognise Taiwan as an independent state although an ongoing online petition by a British national implore them to do so.

“Our long-standing position on Taiwan has not changed,” a Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokeswoman says.

Britain points that though Taiwan constitution claims control over mainland China, its long habitual practice of ceasing to deny that there is a legitimate government exercising authority on the mainland, is one of two reasons they would not change the status quo.

The government urges both parties in the dispute over Taiwan’s independence to be involved in productive discussions.

 “The UK government considers the Taiwan issue one to be settled by the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. We call on both sides to continue to engage in constructive dialogue,” the FCO spokeswoman says.

The petition, recently started by British citizen Lee Chapman, appeals to the British government to recognise Taiwan as an independent country and it has collected more than 18,000 signatures.

Current signatures on petition. (photo: UK.GOV)

The online petition stated that: “due to the One China policy the United Kingdom doesn’t recognise the Government of the Republic of China and all diplomatic relations between the two countries take place on an unofficial basis.”

However, it ridicules the fact that both the UK and Taiwan have representatives and offices in their respective countries but yet Taiwan is still not being recognised as an independent country – and it should change.

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11 thoughts on “[News Reports]Britain won’t recognise Taiwan as an Independent state despite petition

  1. Seriously speaking, we don’t see any official response or document from UK government about this issue and petition. From the reply of the Chinese article, you say that it’s a response via email (or normal mail), and since you didn’t show the whole content, I assume it should be only private response, neither public nor official one. Plus, the claim linked is from Oct, 2000, it’s already 15 years ago. This is not the recent confirmed official claims at all, and might not be suitable now. Please annotate the date and the trace of all the information you reveal, otherwise that is not convinced. This is the regulation each media should strictly obey.

  2. I think it’s important to note that no government body or official has officially responded to the petition yet. The quote that is presented in this blog post was, in fact, made in the 70s and may no longer be relevant as a lot has changed since the UK moved from formally recognising the Republic of China to the People’s Republic of China.

    I agree that the UK will not recognise Taiwan as a country, primarily because Taiwan hasn’t itself declared independence from China. The demands of the petition are therefore completely infeasible. A much better proposal would have been that the UK establishes official diplomatic relations with Taiwan (RoC) on the grounds that we treat Taiwan differently from China and it is therefore de facto independent. Sadly, by being so ambitious with the petition, it will probably be years before the Petitions Online platform can be used again to create a new petition with more feasible requests about the Taiwan issue.

  3. Shame on You, the UK voters for this Petition!/英國佬,聽好了!不許你們欺負灣灣阿呆,他是我們家的!Back to September 2014, people around the world, especially Chinese people, got the message you gave about how the UK and Scotland are better together. None of us involved in your making the once-and-for-all decision that could break up your family of nations and rip Scotland from the rest of the UK. We were actually glad to see Scotland remains as an integrate part of the UK…… http://yes-justice-seeking.tumblr.com/post/137701906519/shame-on-you-the-uk-voters-for-this

    1. The debates over whether Scotland should be a part of the United Kingdom and whether Taiwan is a part of China are completely different. The Scottish people were given the choice of whether they should remain within the United Kingdom through a democratic referendum. The Taiwanese people have been given no such choice, in fact, they have been threatened with force if they chose to become independent.

      There are other issues, as well, such Scotland sharing a similar political and economic situation to the rest of the UK so being a part of one country makes sense. This is not true of China and Taiwan. They have a completely different economy, way of life and standard of living.

  4. Read the UK Government response in full here:

    “The long standing position of Her Majesty’s Government is that we do not recognise Taiwan as a state. The 1972 Joint Communique between the United Kingdom and China set out that: ‘The UK acknowledges the Chinese position that Taiwan is a province of the People’s Republic of China and recognises the People’s Republic of China as the sole legal government of China’.

    The United Kingdom believes that the Taiwan issue should be resolved through dialogue, in line with the views of the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Recent years have seen a substantial increase in transport, tourism and trade links across the Strait, which have contributed to peace and stability. We hope that this trend will continue.

    The United Kingdom and Taiwan have a strong but unofficial relationship, based on dynamic commercial, educational and cultural ties and facilitated by The British Office, Taipei, and the Taipei Representative Office in London. This relationship delivers significant benefits to both the UK and Taiwan and has featured a wide range of exchanges and visits, for example on environmental, judicial and educational issues.

    We encourage British companies to take advantage of Taiwan’s thriving economy, favourable business environment and close trade and investment links with the wider region. Taiwan is the UK’s 6th largest market in the Asia Pacific region. Two-way trade reached a historic high of £5.8bn in 2014 with the total value of exports of UK goods and services to Taiwan standing at £1.96bn. UK exports to Taiwan grew by 2.3% in 2014.

    The United Kingdom and Taiwan also enjoy a constructive relationship in a range of multilateral organisations for which statehood is not a requirement, such as the WTO, and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office”

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