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[Course] I’m Global Talent” Digital campaign

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“I’m Global Talent” Digital campaign

Hi! I’m Pei Feng Hsu (A.K.A. Casper), came from Taiwan, currently studying multimedia journalism at Bournemouth university.

Wearing Google Glass @Interview open device lab.

As a dedicated Multimedia journalist with TV news reporting skills and University lecturer experience, I consider myself have strengths with media skills, social ability, open mine, and high EQ.

However, I have some drawbacks, such as time management and leadership. But these weaknesses cracked after I engage with Global BU programme.

I improved myself through this programme thereby enabling me to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical pathway, more importantly I have made some friends.

The world has changed dramatically in the last 35 years. The big events, such as, the start China’s economic reform in 1978, the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1991 and the burst of the financial bubble on Wall Street in 2008, changed the world and subverted people’s mind-set and made a huge impact on their judgment.

I consider the twenty-first century is an era of contending, reflection and re-thinking, and an era that calls for great wisdom and great strategy.

Digital Hub
Mobile device might be future leading reading device

In the lecture I have had, delivered by BU’s Professor Chris Shiel, she exposed us to a multitude of international contexts. The session included discussions around the importance of cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural understanding within the context of global mobility.

What is the great wisdom and the great strategy? I believe it is West Meets East: Integration of Western management with Eastern philosophy. As a Taiwanese student living in UK, with West and East background and mind-set, I believe this placement will give me more clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities between West and East.

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Online Publications for The Breaker

In my career as a journalist, I learned many core skills, such as searching news angle, news interviews, scripts writing, vocal performance, especially video news reporting. I wish to combine them into new media formats in the future. After engaging myself in the journalist job for some time, I found that the Internet has become the overwhelming channel for the youth generation to get information, however, the core of journalism still has not changed; which is how to approach a story.

In the digital era, there are hundreds of ways to share information, technical skills are crucial for future journalists. That’s why I am studying a Multimedia Journalism Masters at Bournemouth University in the UK.

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Interview councilor

Meanwhile, I am engaging in the Bournemouth University Global Talent Programme, in the session, I have opportunity to hear about the challenges and opportunities that face companies and organizations when working in different cultural, social and economic environments.  For instance, Professor Li-Hua, former President of Sias International University in China told about developing fully-fledged Global Competitors, I learned as an entrepreneur in this age, we have to view a bigger picture than ever, which is global mindset, this session definitely opens my vision.

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Global Talent Programme

As a multimedia journalism master student, I learned some cutting edge skills in news reporting, but another question rise in my head: what should I report?

To figure out this question, I went to Africa to find out the answer.

Luckily, I got a chance to go to Sierra Leon, a west Africa country which Ebola crisis just finish early year, to do 3 weeks work placement.
During this work placement, I discovery that the media in Sierra Leone – is not professionally appealing, and has come under robust criticism from national and international organizations. Local media houses and journalists have been implored to exhibit professionalism in their reporting. Without basic journalism training it will almost be impossible to report professionally.

On the other hand, from last semester, one course affects me significantly – global context, in the class, I studied how information, especially, news flow around the world. I found developing world still lack of channel to speak out.

People around other part of world might easily fall into stereotype of third part world always full of disaster and war…if the audience only absorb single so call “minimalism” news.

To solve these issue, my next goal is to establish a news company with my friend in Africa and of course, to the world.

We are at the early stages of our enterprise, but the goal is clear. The aim of the news company is not for profit, but is to exam how news media can bring changes to the place.

圖片 2
News reporting at Freetown, Sierra Leone.

We have a vision which is to establish high quality Press Company in Sierra Leone.
My friend, who is from the country, and I intend to launch a newspaper there and provide training for local journalists – and also provide them with job opportunities.

Therefore, people have chance to access international news and information and it might change their lives forever.

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