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[News Reports] Bournemouth Muslim say: Trump is racist

Posted On January 19, 2016 at 12:52 am by / 1 Comment

Petition of banning Donald Trump from the UK  has already gathered over five hundred seventy three thousand signatures across the country. The debate will be hold in parliament on the 18th of January. However, Mr Trump has threatened to withhold seven hundred million pounds worth of golf investments if prevented from coming to the UK. Bournemouth Muslims says that money is nothing, this man must be ban.

American presidential candidate Donald Trump is developing a golf course in Scotland. Meanwhile More than five hundred seventy three thousand people have signed a petition to ban him from the UK. But Trump’s organisation said that any move to restrict Mr Trump’s travel rights would immediately bring an end to all future investments in the UK.

We spoke to Jane Jones from Poole’s Chamber of Trade & Commerce about the implications of withdrawing 1 Billion pounds from the UK.

she said that: “it is true that it will impact economy, however, this man should be ban “

The investment would include two hundred million pounds to develop a golf course, and a further five hundred million pounds, which would go towards its Trump International Golf Links at Menie in Aberdeenshire.

The online petition launched after trump made a string of controversial comments about Muslims and Mexican immigrants. Majid Yasin, who is the Director of the Bournemouth Islamic Centre – agrees with the petition.

he said: “not just UK, all country should ban him, not allow him come to any country.”

More than half a million people have signed the petition demanding a debate in Parliament. This has surpassed the hundred thousand threshold for motions to be considered for discussion in the Commons.

People all seem to have different views, but MPs will debate whether to ban Donald Trump from the UK.


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